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John Hayes, President

John W. Hayes has 30-plus years hands-on oil industry experience in executive leadership,  management, operations  and finance. He has an established network and reputation in the oil industry and is active in various industry organizations. He has a solid land and finance career and educational background and has overseen hundreds of millions in drilling and investment activity.  He previously served as Sr. VP of Aminex USA, Inc. where he was in charge of its US Operations. Mr. Hayes earlier in his career held operations and management positions with Caspen Oil plc and Baron Energy. Mr. Hayes serves on the Board of Directors of Santikos Enterprises and is the Chairman of the Board for the San Antonio Area Foundation.  Mr. Hayes is a former Treasurer and Board Member of the San Antonio Federal Credit Union, a $2.9 billion dollar financial institution.

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Douglas Coyle – Exploration Manager

During 16 years with Exxon Corporation, Douglas Coyle (50) established a proven track record of finding oil and gas, based on expertise in data integration and a broad based background in geophysical and geological skills. He is a successful geoscientist in both development and exploration assignments. His expertise and experience in the domestic and international arena are critical in directing Activa’s interest in current projects. Mr. Coyle served as the Exploration Manager for Aminex USA, Inc. from 2000 until 2004. He has a BS in Geology from Texas A&M University and a substantial resume in post degree geologic and geophysical training and development.

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